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Ever have one of those days?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

So it started off bad. I tripped over my Gibson ES-175 that was sitting in its case right in the middle of the living room where I had placed it after playing last night. I was in the LR first thing after pissing to check on some file transfers I had going on (which of course were still going). Luckily the Gibby was in its pretty heavy duty case and my falling on it probably didn’t do anything to the guitar inside. I do feel bad for my downstairs neighbor b/c my big ass falling on the floor was probably enough to wake him. If that wasn’t enough to wake him up then my knocking down a clock thing that hangs over my bathroom sink while wiping the steam off the mirror probably was. It fell with a horrible, prolonged clatter.

Of course once I got the steam off the mirror and moved all the pieces from the clock thing to the side I proceded to drop almost everything in my medicine cabinet into the sink because it’s so cluttered in there that when I go to replace one of my overpriced razor blades I can’t do it without losing a bunch of shit. Once that was cleared up, my first two whacks with the razor on my face resulted in long cuts that are much bigger than the typical razor cut. I then spent 20 minutes of my (already late for work) morning looking for this new razor cut treatment my wife got me a couple months back but hadn’t had a need for. After much freaking out and re-org’ing my bathroom looking for this stuff, my wife pointed out that it was right under my freaking nose in the medicine cabinet. (I had re-org’ed around it several times without taking notice of it).

With that start, I probably should have just called it quits for the day, called in sick and went back to bed. I didn’t. But when I got to work I was checking my bank account and I saw that some greaseball outfit in Ankara Turkey had charged $500. to my CC and the charge had gone through. It’s totally either a mistake or an attempt at a scam. Now I have to go through a minimum of several days waiting for this to be resolved. Though my bank was pretty helpful and not negative about my chances of recovery, I’m still half thinking I can get screwed out of this money. All because probably some web site I’ve bought something from recently got hacked by some 3rd world loser and gave up all my personal info. Fuckers! Anyway, so far those are the most terrible things to happen. But the day’s still young.