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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

If you’re reading this, you’re on the new host. Isn’t it grand? A couple of bumps along the way owing to some strange behavior of my server after dreamhost had a power outage, and some weirdness with the newer version of the script I use for my photo gallery. But by the time I got up this morning everything seemed to be sorted out with DNS and the dreamhost server. A couple of tweaks to my photo gallery script and it’s working. Now I can abandon my blog for 8 months like I usually do. 😉

Changing Hosts – Goodbye Cruel Closet

Friday, July 28th, 2006

I’ve been paying $9.95/mo. for the last 4-5 years. I started using them before I had a killer DSL package that allowed separate IP addresses, a decent upload speed and didn’t discourage running servers. Once I had that kinda’ ISP (Speakeasy), I started hosting my own DNS & http on a DMZ. It’s been going great aside from the occasional power outage and crummy Zyxel DSL modem needing to be restarted. I never really discontinued with phpwebhosting after I started hosting my own b/c it was convenient to let them keep hosting my email for and to have a web presence that I didn’t have to worry about.

This Summer however, I really started to notice how bad my little server closet was when my web server started overheating in a big way and crashing at least once a day. I’d walk into the little walk-in closet and it would easily be 30 degrees hotter in there than it was in my already hot apartment. I knew this stuff would just start failing like gangbusters. Aside from dedicating a fan to that room, I didn’t really know what else to do. Shit was probably consuming pretty serious power every month too (though I’m told a headless PC running 24/7 doesn’t take up much more than a couple dollars/mo — but I have no less than 6 PCs running 24/7 so that probably starts to add up). So I looked at some of the features was offering for the same money I was paying phpwebhosting and it was pretty much a no brainer to start using them as long as I was paying the same amount of money every month for a lot less in services.

So I spent a bunch of time this afternoon configuring my DNS pointers and setting up my domains through the dreamhost console. Funny enough, when I went to log in a few minutes ago to configure this site and one more I’m still hosting out of my hotbox server room, the connections started timing out. said they’d had a power outage. Hopefully it’s not a portent of what to expect, because I paid for a full year already. I guess I have 90 days to figure out if they’re worth it.

Anyway, enjoy the last few hours on the host named “mysteryroach”. 😉